Friday, 8 November 2013

How To Earn Online / Income Online / Make Money Online / Work At Home

Learn: How to Earn Online @ 5,000 Taka from PaymentBD.com

You can learn from anywhere in Bangladesh. For example: You live in Chittagong. If you are really interested to learn, fill up our application form. If we get 5 people from your area, we shall come to your area to teach you how to earn online and which websites really pay money. This looks like: You will not go to school. School will come to you.


How can i apply to Learn: How To Earn Online from any District?
Please click here to Submit your information. We shall contact with you when we shall get 5 people from your area.

How Many Classes / Hours Will be taken?
There are 8 classes on 8 topics. Each class can extend to maximum 2:00 Hours.

How many days will be taken to complete this course?
For students of Dhaka, the course will be completed in 3 weeks. Because we take maximum 3 classes per week. But for students of other districts, it will take two days to complete all classes.

On Which Day The Classes Will Be Taken?
We shall take the decision after talking to all of you. Normally maximum people like Friday and Saturday.

Do PaymentBD give any job / task?
We do not provide any job / task. We only teach about those sites which are not fraud and really pay money.

Is It Very Easy To Earn Online?
Sorry, We never tell that you will be able to earn money very easily. You have to work hard, give time and then you will be able to earn. Everything depends on your hard work and intelligence.

When i shall need to pay the fee?
When we shall get 5 people from your area, we shall contact with you. Then you have to pay the course fee at our bank account. Once we shall get course fee from all of you then we shall confirm the date and venue.

Is The Course Fee Refundable?
If you have paid the course fee but we did not get the minimum amount of student from your area, then we shall refund your money if you do not want to participate at our course. We shall not refund any money if we come to your area but you could not participate at the classes for your personal reason. we shall also never refund any money if you do not / can not complete full course for your personal reason.

Can I Pay Partial Fee?
Sorry, we do not allow partial fee. You must pay the full course fee before participate at our course.


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