Saturday, 30 January 2010

If you have problems creating Alertpay account read the steps below

If you have problems creating Alertpay account read the steps below-
1. After you click the banner click SIGN UP.
2. Than select personal starter and click next.
3. Than fill out the form and make sure your Address Line is accurate as check will be sent to this address. And click next after fiiling the form.
4. Than enter your email address, password and transaction PIN. Transaction PIN is a code that will require everytime you withdraw money from account.
5. Select security question and select no on the Third Party option. Enter the varification code and press I Agree. Than click register.
6. A varification email will be sent to your email address and you can varify by going to your email. NOW you have a online money transfer account. CONGRATS.

So you have done half work. The next thing you have to do is signing up to different PTC(Pay to click) websites that pays for viewing ads. You have to see an ad for at least 30 seconds. Remember that you are not allowed to see more than one ad at a time. So open another ad after you finished viewing the current ad. You will earn at least $0.01 for an ad you view and $0.005 for your refferels view. Referral are those who sign up using your unique referral link.

There are some minimum payout level for every sites. Some has a $2, $3, $5 minimum payout level. Once you reach the minimum payout you can withdraw it. Then they will send it to your Alertpay account. And alertpay will send it to you by check.

Remember do not open more than one account per IP address.

Do not see more than one ad from one website at a time. Open a ad and see it for 30 seconds than open another. For saving time I recommend you to open two or more sites at a time and see one ad per site.

Remember you must click everyday if you want to recieve from your referrals.

Please fill the referral box with my username(It will be already filled, don't remove it). My username is faraz120389. If you don't put me as your referral you will be put under someone automatically.

Sign up with as much website as you can to earn more.

Check out the forums of the sites to know how to earn more.

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