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All prices are in US dollars. All banknotes that have no grade are UNC.

I am a member of an International Bank Note Society since 1995. You can be assured thatyou are dealing with an honest person. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.Need a catalogue for identifying paper money? Click here to buy the latest catalogues.
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REMEMBER: banknotes in uncirculated condition are not indicated with "UNC".HAVE YOU READ TERMS & CONDITIONS? They're important.

CREDIT CARD - SHOPPING CART: you may use our Shopping Cart to buy bank notes fromme using most majour credit cards (especially useful to overseas buyers). To do so just selectevery paper note you wish to buy by clicking on [Add to Cart] link (where available), add shippingcost, check out and voila! Contact me before you order via our Shopping Cart if you have QUESTIONS.Sorry for inconvenience, but a minimum order is $20 US (for retail banknote orders).
HELPFUL HINT: Click on a country name to visit IMAGE GALLERY and to see moreinfo on that country. Press your browser's BACK button to come back to this price list.IF YOU ARE LOST, then CLICK your mouse's RIGHT button on your browser's BACKbutton and choose your next destination. "Similar" next to an image link means thatthe image is not of the original note for sale, but only to give you an idea on how thatcertain banknote looks.Notice about the images of the bank notes you are purchasing: while images of someespecially of the old, rare and unique bank notes are actual, many images/photos areonly made for illustrational purposes. The serial number and/or the signatures, the dates,and the overall condition of the note you receive may be different than the one you seeon the Obverse-Reverse image.Notice about an image colour: if an image has to much blue colour, it's not present on thepaper note, but the scanner made images look blueish sometimes instead of white.Notice about image size: bank note images on my web site are not of an original size.If you are a dealer in world banknotes and wish to browse our wholesale pricelist thenemail us your references and dealer credentials along with wholesale pricelist request.Consigned paper money price listInternational Grading Standards for World Paper MoneyHundreds of actual/original scans of bank notes are available in my world paper money price list.More images of many more beautiful world bank notes will be constantly added to:World Bank Note & Paper Money Gallery
Grading abbreviations: P(Poor), FR(Fair), G(good), VG(very good), F(fine), VF(very fine),XF(extremely fine), AU(about uncirculated), UNC(uncirculated - not indicated). Also the followingin-between grading abbreviations are used: aXF(about extremely fine) - lowercase "a" in frontof any grade means that the grade almost/nearly meets the standard. VF-XF - means that thegrade is somewhere between VF and XF. VF+ means that the grade is somehow better than VF,but not as good as VF-XF or aXF. UNC- (uncirculated minus) means that the paper note isuncirculated, but has some very slight fold which is so insignificant that it might as well becalled as UNC, but not AU-UNC or AU. Click here to read more about grading of paper money.Other abbreviations: PNL / UNL (Pick not listed / not listed in a catalogue.NIC - not listed in any catalogue. ND - no date printed on the banknote. NFS - Not For Sale. Wmk - watermark. Ph - pinholes. Ch - centerhole. Et - edge tears.St - stains. Wst - weak stains. Scs - small coffee/tea stains. Rs - rust spots. Sd - soiled. Fx - foxing. Cnk - chunk. Cnr - corner. Nh - No holes. Nt - No tears. Obv - obverse / front. Rev - reverse / back. Pch - punchhole. KGV - King George V.KGVI - King George VI. QEII - Queen Elisabeth II (United Kingdom).*BDN* - birth day notes. OVD - Optically Variable Device (hologram, kinegram).
* (star) on the left of the price means that the price was lowered since the last update (if any).REMEMBER: paper/plastic money in uncirculated condition are not indicated with "UNC". NOTICE: Please make sure that you read all terms, conditions, grading descriptions and othernecessary information available at this web site before you make an order or send your bank notesto me for approval. Please note that grading of paper money might differ from one note to another.What one person might grade as for example - VF, another person will grade it Fine+ or aVF.Expect grade fluctuations of 1/2 grade. Even if there are a standard paper money grading rules,grading might still differ from one person to another. There are many opinions on gradingand grading disputes happen. Once you are not sure about a grading of a certain note(s),please ask me for a detailed description of a note(notes) to make sure you will receiveexactly what your grading expectations are.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover/Novus via cart/basket,telephone, fax, mail and email. Cheques, cash, money orders, western union etc.You Can Pay with a Credit or Debit Card and Paypal!New! Now You Can Pay Your Own Shipping via UPS or FEDEX!Here's how: if you wish to pay as a recipient or with your UPS or FEDEXAccount, then choose FEDEX or UPS shipping, but put a note in "OrderComments" field along with your UPS or FEDEX Account Number anda note saying that you want to pay for the shipping yourself. In such caseyou will only get charged by us for the order amount and you pay your ownshipping which may save you some money on shipping and handling.Note: this is an experiment and may be canceled by us at any time.Order with Confidence! Purchasing from this web site you can be assured that your orders andpersonal information are in safe hands. I will not send you unsolicited commercial (UCE, spam)email without any reason other than monthly or quarterly pricelist updates (new arrivals notices).Your email address or any other personal information of yours submitted to my web site and tome by any means of communication will NOT be sold to any third party ever and your orderswill remain completely confidential. If you are not completely satisfied just send me the goodsgoods safely packed and insured in an original packaging and original condition foryour money back (click for more info).Sorry for inconvenience, but a minimum order is $20 US (for retail banknote orders).DO NOT FORGET to read TERMS and CONDITIONS before placing an order!Attention! We are "FRAUD SMART". All orders paid with credit/debit cards (Visa, MC etc.) go throughnumerous security and anti-fraud checks such as AVS, identity verification, signature verification, shippingand billing address verification, email address and phone verification, and if necessary (many overseas orders)- manual authorization, verification of your references and other data, therefore please expect to receive anemail before your order gets processed if you live in a developing or underdeveloped country or a countrywith a high fraud risk. Even if you live in a developed country, your data might still be checked at amaximum if your order seems to be for a large amount, shipping charges high for a smaller order, orderingcurrent notes (currency) and many other reasons. This all is done in order to protect your credit/debit cardaccount from fraud as well as to protect ourselves from fraudulent orders and payments and against fraudulentchargebacks. We reserve a right not to process your order until we receive from you all data requested and/oruntil we receive your payment by some other means than a credit/debit/check card (if payment receipt viaVisa/Mc etc. seems to us to risky).
Click and search it quick! (many hundreds of pages)The current online version of this price list cancels all previous price lists.All banknotes in my pricelist have an image of both front and back (obverse and reverse),except some similar looking banknotes and except different grades of the same banknote.Notice about the images of the bank notes you are purchasing: while images of someespecially of the old, rare and unique bank notes are actual, many images/photos areonly made for illustrational purposes. The serial number and/or the signatures, the dates,and the overall condition of the note you receive may be different than the one you seeon the Obverse-Reverse image.

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